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STREETS, an innovative Real Estate Portfolio Management System.

Developed in Switzerland and compliant with international regulatory requirements, STREETS enables asset managers, institutional investors, funds administrators and other Real Estate industry stakeholders to digitalise the management of their portfolios and improve asset performance.

Consolidate all asset data to make informed investment decisions.
Automate tasks to reduce costs and increase productivity.
Encourage efficient collaboration and improve your autonomy.

Why is Real Estate Portfolio Management System important?

A Real Estate Portfolio Management System enables the Real Estate actors to eliminate manual processes, leverage better insights through analytics data, and improve returns by focusing on long-term strategies. Don’t rely on antiquated software systems, spreadsheets and manual processes to manage your assets.
With STREETS you improve your assets visibility, refine data-driven strategic decisions and decreased your portfolio risks.

in 10 years: increase in the number of Proptech providers worldwide
Actors – including STREETS – are implementing a Common Data Model under the IBPDI initiative
Leading Real Estate professionals currently use Excel as their primary analytical tool
1. Source: JLL Global Research August 2021.
2. Source: International Building Performance & Data Initiative (IBPDI)
3. Source: KPMG Data Strategy Survey January 2021.

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