Optimised Investments

STREETS for Fund Managers

Monitor ecosystem efficiency, manage risks, and optimise your real estate investment strategy with expert precision.
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From Data to Ownership.

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Improve Data Autonomy

Looking for real estate asset management software that does more with your data? STREETS securely stores and manages your data, allowing you to maintain ownership and keep full control over key information.

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Gain Strategic Recommendations

Leverage on-demand analytics and critical business insights to combine financial results and operating metrics, evaluate current asset management performance, and develop profitable real estate investment strategies.

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Consolidate Data

STREETS captures and validates all your data on a single platform, giving you access to the insights required to identify the most effective aspects of your asset management strategy and move forward accordingly.

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Why choosing Streets

Here’s a brief description of the features.
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“We needed a solution and Street and lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetu.”

Fabien Ducret
CFO Cronos Finances
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