Key Features & Capabilities

What STREETS can do.

Data Integrity

Ready to do more with your data? Built using an Open Data Model, STREETS helps investors and property owners centralise complex data in one simplified, user-friendly real estate portfolio management platform. This harmonised data enables you to improve the visibility of your assets, refine your strategic decision-making, and reduce your overall portfolio risk.

Analytic Dashboards

STREETS analytical dashboards make it easy and efficient to monitor the ongoing performance of your real estate portfolio and quickly identify the high-risk elements of your current strategy. Organise info, monitor events, set alerts, filter data and track your portfolio’s performance using the software’s advanced features, then export data to make informed strategic decisions.

Budget Management

One of the most important aspects of real estate asset management is controlling your budget. STREETS compiles and centralises your real estate portfolio’s financial data, enabling you to forecast budgets, monitor yields, anticipate expenses, and plan investments. The platform’s alert-and-adjust system helps anticipate risks, while its structured and detailed monitoring tools optimise cash flow management and reporting.

Accounting Validation

STREETS centralises your real estate portfolio's financial data in accordance with the accounting systems used by key 3rd parties including fund management partners, property management companies, and external accounting systems (ERP). The integrated data is instantly processed, enabling you to check, comment, and validate.Want automated, reliable, and up-to-date monitoring of your accounting? In compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, STREETS interfaces directly with ERPs to simplify and streamline the end-to-end accounting process.

Vacancy Management

One of the main advantages of digital real estate asset management is the ability to view current data and adjust the management of vacant properties accordingly. STREETS provides high-quality analytical and statistical data that enables you to refine the type of vacancy per rental unit with precision and autonomy and use this information to support your current and future rental strategies.