What STREETS can do.

Data Integrity

By centralising all of your Real Estate portfolio data in STREETS, you can improve the visibility of your assets, refine your strategic decisions, and reduce your portfolio risk. Built with an Open Data Model, the platform provides controlled and harmonised data, while offering functionalities adaptable to each stakeholder of the Real Estate value chain.

Analytic Dashboards

STREETS makes it easy to monitor the performance of your Real Estate portfolio : the analytical dashboards allow you to quickly identify the high-risk elements of your management strategy. Organise your information, accurately monitor events, receive alerts, and filter data with a flexible structure and user-friendly features. Track your portfolio’s performance, export, and share relevant graphs and ratios to make strategic decisions.

Budget Management

Enjoy flexible functionality that controls and centralises all your portfolio’s financial data to forecast budgets, monitor yields, anticipate expenses, and plan investments. Track flows, anticipate risks, and react early with access to an alert-and-adjust system.
STREETS provides structured and detailed monitoring of data to optimise your Cashflow management and reporting.

Accounting Validation

STREETS centralises the financial data of your Real Estate portfolio in accordance with a correspondence plan of the accounting systems used by various parties such as fund management, property management companies, and external accounting systems (ERP). The integrated data is instantly processed, enabling you to check, comment, and validate, including financial statements and accounting entries. In compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, STREETS interfaces with ERPs where data is exported and reinjected, to provide automated, reliable, and up-to-date monitoring of your accounting.