STREETS for Asset Managers

Gain more agility and  insightful features to empower the impact of your day to day and strategic role.

From Data to Mastery.

Improve your reactivity
Create a data-driven decision-making process with strategic data available at any time, get better insights, and make faster decisions by identifying the most effective aspects of your asset management strategy.
Get data benchmark
Use custom data benchmarks to identify market trends and investment opportunities. Compare your key business metrics to the industry to make insightful decisions and maintain a competitive edge.
Optimize performances
Manage critical information of your assets and generate new options to tackle vacancy and litigation issues. Visualize the key facts of your portfolio through dynamic and filterable dashboards to get more efficiency.
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Why choosing Streets

Here’s a brief description of the features.
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case studies

“We needed a solution and Street and lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetu.”

Corinne Gleize
Head of Asset Management
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