Pioneering the Future of Real Estate Asset Management: Highlights from STREETS' Lausanne Event

On 28 September 2023, STREETS Real Estate hosted an exclusive event at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The event showcased the latest advancements in real estate portfolio management technology, bringing together industry experts to discuss emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities within the sector. Highlights of the event included discussions led by industry authorities and an interactive demonstration of STREETS’ platform capabilities, illustrating the technological innovations set to shape the future of real estate asset management.

About the Event

The event took place at EPFL's Espace Copernic, a fitting venue for a discussion centred on innovation and technology. The room was filled with a select group of professionals, including asset managers and owners, all keen to understand how STREETS can revolutionise real estate asset management.

The session commenced with a cordial welcome from Jean Ghosn, who set the stage for the day’s event with an introduction to the BRD Fintech Group. This was followed by an engaging and interactive demonstration of the STREETS Real Estate Portfolio Management System, helmed by members of the STREETS team. Attendees were given an in-depth view of how the platform could elevate real estate management, refine operational workflows, and bolster investment fund asset performance. To underscore its practical application, a Q&A segment allowed the team to address specific queries, offering attendees direct insight into the platform’s utility and advantages.

Industry Challenges and Opportunities

The event commenced with a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities in the real estate industry, led by Prof. Philippe Thalmann from EPFL. His insights provided a comprehensive understanding of the sector's complexities and the role of technology in navigating them.

Technology-Driven Success

Fabien Ducret, Deputy Director at Cronos, a key client of STREETS, took the stage to share invaluable insights into how STREETS' technology drives success. He emphasised the importance of a centralised platform for data access, which not only streamlines operations but also opens up new opportunities for profitability.

Architectural Excellence

Antoine Doms, an EPFL graduate and active architect in the French-speaking Switzerland market, showcased some of the most prestigious works on the EPFL campus. His presentation added a unique dimension to the event, linking architectural innovation to the broader theme of real estate asset management.

Fred leading conversations at the event

Key Takeaways from the Event

The event highlighted pivotal trends and challenges within the Swiss real estate management sector, providing a clear picture of the industry's trajectory as influenced by technological advancements.

Embracing Digital Transformation

Professor Philippe Thalmann's address at the event underscored the critical need for digital transformation in the real estate sector. The complexity of managing properties can be significantly reduced through technologies that offer intelligent data analytics, allowing for predictive maintenance and strategic investment decisions.

Centralised Data Platforms

Fabien Ducret's discussion on the success of STREETS technology pointed to a major industry shift towards centralised data platforms. These systems are revolutionising the way real estate professionals access and utilise data, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and profitability.


One of the sector's challenges is the lack of interoperability among various data systems. STREETS' initiative to provide a single source of truth for data signifies the industry's opportunity to create seamless integration across different platforms and stakeholders.

Cost Reduction and Productivity

The utilisation of software for data analysis and exploitation can significantly reduce operational costs. By optimising processes through technology, the sector can witness a rise in productivity levels, as reflected in STREETS' vision for the industry.

The event's discussions made it evident that technology is not just an enabler but a critical driver for the future of real estate management in Switzerland. With companies like STREETS at the forefront, the sector can look forward to more integrated, efficient, and profitable operations.

About STREETS Real Estate

As a leading Proptech company, STREETS aims to provide the Swiss real estate industry with a trusted single source of data that makes investment and collaboration easier throughout the entire value chain. Developed in Switzerland and fully compliant with all international regulatory requirements, STREETS is a digital real estate portfolio management platform with a simple vision: to help stakeholders digitise the management of their portfolios, track their investments, and improve asset performance.

Our user-friendly software simplifies the analysis and exploitation of data to optimise operational processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs. We envision a real estate industry that is fully digitised and united around reliable and consolidated data. STREETS is a proud member of several professional associations, including Coptis, Swiss Proptech, SVIT, Swiss Made Software, IBPDI, Fiabci, and REMMS, underlining our commitment to innovation and compliance.