STREETS and FPRE sign a new partnership

Fahrländer Partner (FPRE), a consulting and research firm, and STREETS, the Portfolio Management System, have announced a new partnership. This collaboration is in line with the recent developments of these two independent entities and brings real added value to the clients, contributors and partners of both companies in the real estate sector in Switzerland and soon abroad.

The data and analysis carried out by FPRE (ratings, current and future macro-location analysis, etc.) will be integrated into the STREETS Portfolio Management System. The scope of the insights covers residential, office, commercial and industrial real estate as well as specific micro-location analysis throughout Switzerland.

This analytical information is based on a combination of real data, statistical models and market observation.

The analytical dashboards and functionalities of STREETS will also be enriched by FPRE benchmarks of net and gross rents and charges amount, as well as vacancy rates and detailed location analysis.

Comprehensive reports on municipal analysis and macro-location ratings will also be available directly on the STREETS platform in three languages (French, German and English). These first integrations mark the beginning and several new features and functionalities are being studied or developed. They will be presented soon." As an independent market observer and provider of real estate economics data and models, FPRE contributes to the basis for decisions. The combination of these data and models with the STREETS application allows us to work objectively, effectively and efficiently on properties and portfolios," explains Stefan Fahrländer, Partner at FPRE.

Rafat Chabaane, CBO of STREETS, adds: "This partnership with FPRE is a further concretization of our vision to federate the real estate value chain and open up our PMS. Our independence and real estate expertise are shared by FPRE, which continuously optimizes our functional coverage to serve the various players in our industry".

About Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung

Fahrländer Partner is a privately owned, independent consulting and analysis company based in Zurich with branches in Bern and Frankfurt am Main. The studies of our interdisciplinary team focus on spatial development issues, with emphasis on the economic and demographic dynamics of developed and vacant areas. Since its foundation in 2006, research, product development and customized analyses for our clients have been the focus of our activities. In this context, real estate is often at the center of our concerns. To ensure proximity to research, we participate in scientific conferences, publish and teach in the context of continuing and professional education as well as in higher education.